Sunday, April 13, 2014

Catch up from last Saturday

Gosh I'm hopeless, too many projects, too little time.  A quick catch up from last Saturday.  We went to my dear friend Sheryl's 60th birthday party.  I have known Sheryl for 27 years, she was one of the first people I met when I worked in our Geelong office when I first started.

Well the theme was Italian, everyone was to wear red, green or white.  Eh, romped that one in.  Could I possibly be the only person who owns three green coats!!!??? ha.  We got changed at my mum's being that we were shopping down in Geelong earlier in the day.  Hey, I was holding up my feet so mum could fit my green shoes in the shot.

Well Sheryl had outdone herself.  Her back yard had turned into Italy.  There were details everywhere.  Grape vines, red/white check table cloths, all the buys got these mafia style hats to wear.  Sheryl had gone to such detail.  Her water feature was entitled Fountain of Shezzi instead of Fountain of Trevi.  She had a fellow wandering around playing the piano accordian.  Oh my he had the cheesiest Italian accent ever!  (although just quietly he sounded as Aussie as you or me, Mike was talking to him during one of his breaks).    She had family pizzas delivered by the dozen, a big bain marie of lasagne and pastas.  And best ever, there was a gelato cart where we could sample eight different flavours of gelato in these tiny sized waver cones, which made you feel a little less guilty going back for seconds as they were small servings.

Birthday girl in the middle and my dear friend Kerri on the left.

And at the end of the night when the guests were leaving WE all got a gift.  There was a lucky dip in which Sheryl had put together all Italian inspired gifts, to thank us for coming.  I got a china mug with a Tuscan scene on it.  Mike got a watch with an vesper on the watch face.  Fun fun.  Good friends, good times.

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