Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I am pathetic in keeping up this blog

Yes yes I know, but I have been amazingly hugely busy and, well just no excuse is there.

The end of the round of 12wbt has come and I'm about to start another 12 week challenge.  The last round was a non-round.  I might have gone ahead in leaps and bounds in the fitness stakes, but I actually gained 2.5kg !!!!  So back on the straight and narrow.  I've given myself 2 more rounds to finish the job.  Wish me luck.

I went out for a lovely night on Saturday night with some of our beautiful 12wbt girls from our group.  That's meant a lot to me as well, meeting like minded active and healthy and positive friends who are all doing the same program.  It can be a lonely time when you are on this weight loss, health and fitness kick.  Ultimately it's up to you.  But it's so good knowing I have friends all facing the same dilemmas and trials.

I promise I was on the soda water all night.  I am a one drink wonder and perhaps have one drink a year!  If that.  But I was late and was waiting for my drink to arrive so I just picked up the champagne bottle for the photograph.  Don't ask!  I seem to always do silly things like that.

I'm still loving Instagram.   It's so easy to just grab out the iPhone and snap a photo.  And then there's all these wonderful filters and fun apps to play with to do things with the photos.  Makes me laugh.  When I'm out with my big girl camera I'm wanting my images to be as crystal clear as I can.  And yet now with Instagram, I'm distressing and grunging them on purpose!  Go figure.

Here's some of my recent fun pics to share.

My little man.

Miss Britt came for dinner. 

First daffy in the garden

Mike has started painting again!

Enough said, yes the three of them line up like that for a treat. 

Selfie with my girl.

A scene down the Yarra from my day in Melbourne.

Lounging around watching telly. 

My favourite after work run, yes I do run that distance. 
I do rock don't I ?? tee hee

This is what he does if we're not in the loungeroom.
He re-arranges the throw cushions and puts himself to sleep.

One might think Lucky could find a better position than the precarious one he's found
to lay on. 

Cold days means he's been wearing his coat a fair bit when outdoors.

Miss Tabby and fiance Aaron, snapped them quickly in the car as they left
after having dinner here.

I'm still working out a format because I love these little snippets of our lives and want to scrapbook them.  They tell a story of the fabric of our lives here.  It's fun.

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Lynne said...

I think all your Instagram photos made a great blog post! A snippet of your life, as it were.