Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday night, warm fire, knitting in my future

That's how the rest of the evening is going to pan out, I'm already certain.  Dinner, warm fire, Sixty Minutes on telly, and knitting.  It was so cold and foggy this morning, I still went out and ran in it.  So flipping cold it made my eyes water though.  The ladies going to church said good morning when they saw me running by, did a double take when they saw the tears flowing down my face (involuntary tears due to the cold), I'm sure they wanted to bundle me up and take me into church to see what was wrong with me!

Over the last few weeks I've gone Instagram crazy.  Comes from getting myself my beautiful new iPhone 5.  It takes the greatest photos, just every day life photos, it's so easy to just pick it up and snap.  So much fun, and I can see myself scrapbooking the month's entries as the month comes to a close.  I'll have to decide on a format though.  Decisions decisions!  Here's a glimpse of how the past month, well about 3 weeks at least since I got the phone, have passed by.  Some of my favourites...

Fun perspective, someone asleep on the couch.

Cute new "do"

Someone in heaven looking at chainsaws in the hardware store.

Not so in heaven outside the hardware store, with all the "he"men handyman types walking past
just when I wanted to snap a selfie  ;-)
I get the "really dear, right now???"

Saying good morning to the cows on the way to work.
That sunbeam was fair dinkum, it's not something Instagram put on the photo,
cool huh?

Getting ready and doing stretches for my run last week before I headed home from work.
What a sight along the breakwater.

Mike has gotten back into his painting now that the Studio has been built.
Can't tell you how happy that makes me, something he really enjoys.

Yesterday the clouds were so low you could almost touch them.
I stopped on my way home from the supermarket to snap a shot.

Oh dear, I was getting the "stare" today for sure.
I just just stepped on her (by accident of course) when she got underfoot.  There was a squeal,
then she flew out of the house.  I found her sitting on this bit of wood.
She wasn't too pleased with me.

There's my beautiful old girl.  If she disappears I can usually find her in the soft dirt
by the wood pile.

This afternoon.  It's been a hard day!

A batch of my very special choc chip cookies, which got plated up
and sent across the road to our neighbours who are not feeling too flash right now.

So yep, I'm pretty much enjoying Instagram, fun little snips of our life, everything a scrapbooker would love, and more!

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Carol what's your Instagram name? I read all the posts trying to find where you say how to find you there....