Saturday, June 22, 2013

I really did finish shopping !

You can be forgiven for thinking I hit the shops in the last post and I'm still there.  It was a day like no other and my wallet certainly went on a diet with the way the money was being spent! ha.

Funny how times change, my favourite shop was Rebel Sports where I made great use of their change rooms and tried on a number of things.  Walked away with a hot pink long sleeved running jacket.  I *ADORE* it.  Perhaps not AS PINK as this photo has produced, but pink enough.  It is an Adidas one so the famous three stripes are at the sides of my waist and are reflective of a night.  It has a pocket up near the shoulder for my phone, and a little outlet for a cord from my phone if I want to put my ear piece in.  I've worn it a number of times now and it's lovely and warm for those cold winter mornings out running, but you just don't get hot in it.  It's made of some pretty crazy material, I have no idea, but warm and cool at the same time.  

Next into Myer ~~swoon~~ you know I didn't know how much I'd miss Myer until I lived 2 hours away from my nearest one.   Had to try on the Brad Pitt advertised Chanel "man cologne", so that I could have Brad with me for the rest of the day :-)  Mmmmmmm smelt divine.

Then armed with lots of clothes I hit the change rooms.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I fitted into this top, marked ... wait for it ... PETITE!!!!  I haven't got a petite bone in my body.  But APPARENTLY Myer thinks I have, because it fit me!!

My totally most impressive bargain was in Big W, and I spy a rack with the Michelle Bridges tops on them, marked down from $25 to ... wait for it ... are you ready ... $7 !!!!  So I grabbed this one.  White is a bit unforgiving, and I'm not a person who likes a shelf bra, but what the heck, it was SEVEN DOLLARS !! (yes, I think I yelled and did a little whoop in the middle of Big W at that moment too).

All this shopping made us thirsty so mum suggested a sit down in a cafe for a cuppa.  Sounded like a good idea, my bags were getting heavy!  Skinny latte please.

What's that in the background ... oh mum, the biggest vanilla slice I've ever seen.  Oh dear.  I didn't even ask for a sample.  Such restraint.

Wanting to still treat myself, I scanned the array of cakes and settled on a Florentine cookie.  Hmmm no idea of the calorie count, and I will stand to be corrected, but I think it would have been okay as my afternoon snack with my latte, seeings I hadn't had a snack in the morning.  Hopefully.  It was delicious anyway.  

Gosh it looks ginormous there, it wasn't that huge, I promise.

One funny moment of the day, I was in Jacqui E and trying on a pair of red (OMG RED!!!) kind of trouser/jean things.  And the size 14 was too big around the waist and ever the helpful saleslady who didn't have a smaller size in them looked around the store and came in with another pair of trousers that she thought I might like to try.  They were the brightest, hottest, pink that you've ever seen.  I mean to say, I'm almost 50 years old, I'm not sure I could carry off pink trousers.  They fit, but although I'm up for new experiences, errr thanks but no thanks.  I don't think my town here is ready for me in hot pink trousers.  My running jacket flashing past them is enough.  ha!

And finally my favourite purchase of the day, this darling top.  Something that looked horrendous on the hanger, a kind of cowl neckline, and lots of ruching down the sides, so it kind of hung on the hanger really whacko, but the colour dragged me in so I had to try it.  And I loved it so much.  I think this is going to become my newest favouritist top in my closet.

All in all a fantastic day.  

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Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day!