Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Surprise

Well my biggest surprise has been coming home tonight and seeing Molly laying out on the lawn and enjoying the afternoon sunshine.  She is really coming good.  The stitches look a bit bulgy now, but probably because she's been getting around and they're a bit swollen.  But I'm so happy.

I'm even more happy because it's Valentines Day and we have a pact, we only spend $10 on V Day on each other.  It's actually quite fun and makes you get inventive, and not so easy this year because no chocolates for me.  It's too hot for them today anyway, they'd melt.

Someone cheated though.  Look what was delivered to me at work.

I don't know what thrilled me the most.  The surprise of the flowers and all the girls watching them come into my office.  Or the squeal I gave when I read the card...

Never thought I'd read those words on the card "gorgeous skinny".  Well he's going a bit overboard with the "skinny" but I loved it all the same.  Oh and ET, I have a photograph but I won't put you through the horrors, but lately Mike has been loving freaking me out with his impersonation of his bare stomach sticking out like ET ... phone home!  Eeek!

Makes the bucket of nuts I gave him look a bit lousy now doesn't it ???!!!

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Lynne said...

What lovely flowers and what a wonderful surprise!