Monday, February 11, 2013

A wee bit of turmoil in the G House

My Molly girl is having an operation tomorrow.  We swore we wouldn't put her through the turmoil of anaesthetic again, but we found a lump.  Actually I found a bit of matted fur that was not growing out, I kept on snipping it away but it never grew out.  Until we could lift the fur and see under and saw there was another growth, not really like the last one though.  We had the vet look at it on Friday and she shaved the area to have a closer look and said it had to come out because it was weeping.  It's only small but she said if left unchecked it could ulcerate or infect and then she'd be in another world of pain.

The hardest decision we've had to make.  If it wasn't weeping we'd say just let it be.  It wasn't hurting her, it wasn't painful at all.  But we have to go by the vet's recommendation.  

She's about 14 now.  I look at her wandering around here at the moment and she has no idea that tomorrow night she's going to be in a world of fuzzy pain.  Sweet darling girl.  I made this scrap page on the weekend in amongst many tears I've been shedding for my girl.

See, I guess the reason I'm really antsy about it this time, is that last time she had a growth on her side, a small growth, perhaps the size of a malteser, it was 2006 and this was the result.  Yep, all those stitches for the size of a malteser, incredible.  She was 6 years younger too.

So please think good and positive thoughts for my girl, and send me strength because quite frankly I think I'm going to be a basket case.  :-(


ksharonk said...

Oh Carol, wishing you and Molly all the most positive thoughts ever ... :)

Lynne said...

Thinking of you!