Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hot !

The other night we had the fire going, and now it's turned hot again. I'm sitting here with the fan on, Molly is sprawled out in front of it, so she's feeling it too. We had number one step-son here for dinner and now we're up to choosing a movie to sit down and watch.

I forgot to mention about last Friday night. We went with some friends to a Rock & Roll night. Oh my goodness, what fun! Although I must admit, there was a time I'd bounce back the next day after a rollicking night like that. Not so any more, my knees were shot to pieces!

We danced like there was no tomorrow. There was a rockabilly band and they were terrific. A rock & roll dancing group were in attendance too, all in their big swirly skirts, it was a pleasure to watch. Mike and I did try to copy but ended up with arms twisting wildly and nearly knocking each others heads off as we were trying to twirl. Ahhh, at least we were entertaining.

Here's a recent scrap page I have done, loved the colours of these papers which just lended themselves to B&W photographs. And I'm loving finally being able to scrap a lot of these 2010 photographs that my friend Sam's husband was able to retrieve from my dead hard drive.

My brother and I ... at times when we're together it's like we're kids again, poking each other, teasing each other, silly silly stuff. Usually never a serious photograph, so it's a fluke we got this one, not before a lot of other whacky faces. Oh Lord, the bags under my eyes, you could pack for a holiday in them! ha.


Credits Designer Digitals.

As a final note tonight, my thoughts are with those in Japan at the moment, those with friends and family in Japan, and just the horror that they've experienced. So incredibly tragic.


Polly said...

Carol, I swear you lead the most fantastically fun life. xx

Lynne said...

Ah, an energetic but fun evening out and a quiet evening at home: both great antidotes to too much stress at work!

Love the photo of you and your brother.

Chocolate Cat said...

Great page! I think siblings share a special relationship that always has a bit of 'kidlike' behaviour!!!

Simply Vixen said...

it's been way too long since I've been here, although it's still just as awesome as ever!

hey carol... didya change your email addy? I had some pressies to send... lol

congrats on the DD gig Yo Go Girl!!!

Margaret said...

Lovely post and silly family are the best ones.