Friday, October 1, 2010

Something wrong with me

Is there something wrong with me? My garden, my beautiful new garden which is blooming magnificently, lead a trail of destruction today after the menagerie decided to have some fun in it. There's a trail right through the flowers up on the garden bed. There's deheaded ranuncular flowers strewn everywhere with flowerless stems now bobbing in the breeze. There's a very VERY squished viola plant after Molly's large frame was caught in the act laying on it in the morning sun. I was furious.

I yelled and ranted and raved, and pointed at the plants and growled at the dogs so they knew in no uncertain terms what I was yelling at.

And then the scrapbooker in me took over and had to photograph it all, already thinking about the journalling that would take up the page.

Is something desperately wrong with that?

So anyone reading this, if you've had problems with your dogs deciding the garden is a nice place to be (and mind you it's only been at this stage, flowers in full bloom, smelling very pretty, that they've decided to take an interest). So any ways of keeping dogs out of the garden, apart from erecting a rope fence around it which Mike has now threatened to do, any suggestions gratefully received.


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I'm a little over the football for this weekend, the grand final should have been decided last weekend, so whilst I'll watch it, I think it's been a big anti climax this past week. I hope the Saints win and Eddie cries. There, that's what I am hoping for. (nasty piece of work I am! ha)

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Amandac said...

oh my goodness Carol you are a scrapper to your very toenails - I was laughing so hard at the image of you yelling at them and then all of a sudden going into creative mode LOL - I can't laugh too hard though - I would have done the very same thing hehehehehehehe