Sunday, July 6, 2014

Moving house

Well not literally, but moving blogs.

Aghast, but I've had this blog since 2006 !!!!!

Okay here's where I fess up.  I have two blogs.   I know, shock horror right?

When I started 12wbt I started a health and fitness blog, it was about losing weight and all the shenanigans I was getting up to.  And there was no way no how I wanted my friends here to know how much I weighed, eeeeek!  So I kept it secret.

But it's hard keeping two blogs going.  And well let's face it, all the health and fitness shenanigans flow into every day life now.  So a lot of the posts in recent times have just been copy/pasted onto each blog.  And that's just silly.  So hopefully this will mean one blog = more posts.  Or at least more regular posts.

And so why move this blog?  Cause it's a silly blog web address with the two --'s in it.   I've always hated that.

So please move your bookmarks and come join me at :  Finding Carol.     It will still contain family news, crafty endeavours and all my running escapades, just all in the one place.  See, now isn't that a better blog address!

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