Thursday, June 26, 2014

Forgive me blog but I am still here

Truly!  Busy busy busy.  But you will forgive me when you see these photos of goodness.

We are grandparents!!!

Beautiful Saxon Michael David (the middle names a nod to the two grandpas) was born last Saturday.  

After having niggles during the day they got worse.  We were out at a dinner saying goodbye to some friends here in town and got a text message to keep our phones close and up loud!  Tab ended up going to hospital to check out the niggles and got admitted!  Then it all started happening.

Saxon was still breech but she really wanted to try a natural birth.  Aaron put out the call to the three grandmas as Tab wanted us in the delivery room with her.  But by then Saxon wasn't waiting for anyone.  Two hours after full labor started and Saxon was here.  And the grandmas all missed it by minutes!!! 

As it happened because of the breech labor Tab had 2 doctors and 3 midwives and the doctor said there wasn't enough room for us anyway.

A little after he was born Aaron floated into the waiting room and filled us in on the name and details.  Seriously Tab is superwoman in his eyes.  She didn't have time for an epidural and did it by gas alone.

About an hour after his birth we were allowed in, the three grandmas all crying happy tears and Mike.  What a moment to share with the new little family.  And how serenely beautiful she looks here, and how privileged I was to photograph this special time.

Absolutely gorgeous.

The room was dim so I needed to bump the ISO right up and was shooting at f1.4 hence the depth of field, but I think that adds to the moments captured here.  I took about 90 photos that night!!!!

Nanna and Grumpy are over the moon happy for the new little family.  They are home now and all is right in the world.

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