Saturday, May 3, 2014

Resuming your regular program!

Ha, okay all the running talk is over now, apart from letting you know I pulled up fine.  Sunday night quite sore, Monday a few aches but Tuesday right as rain.  I am surprised myself that this old body has bounced back the way it did, perhaps all my training has been worthwhile and I did the lead up right?

So we've had a few long weekends of late, Easter and hot on the heels with Anzac Day.   I did a couple of scrap pages for the two days.

Admittedly this photo of Molly is from last year, I don't know that the old girl would have the same patience this year, but oh how I love it so.  Looking straight at the camera, okay so looking straight at the treat I was holding just above the lens!  Tricks of the trade.

Then the week after was Anzac Day, 25th April.   Ever since I can remember I have gone to an Anzac Day procession, a lot of them I myself was playing in a brass band.  It's something I've always done, gone to honour the veterans.  Mike plays at a very small country town's service and it means so much to the old gents to have the pipes march them very slowly down the street.  Not many of the original old soldiers left now, but so good to have the whole town turn out to honour them.

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