Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Not nice !

I had my first bad blogging experience day before yesterday after all my years of blogging.   My stepdaughter sent me a message to say that one of the photos from my blog was on a site on facebook that she happened to see.  Huh?  I went had had a look, and someone who had a less than desirable facebook page with pictures and captions of people saying they were from suburbs in Geelong and being quite derogatory in his terms of phrase, had taken one of MY pictures that I HAD TAKEN so it BELONGED TO ME, and put it on HIS facebook page.

It was a photo of my husband's uncle who came over to visit us from Scotland.  It was a day that we had taken him and his wife to Halls Gap to visit around the area, and it was hot.  It was hot for us, so it was waaaaay hot for a Scot.  So he ended up stripping down to his shorts and white singlet for the day.  Who cared.  Anyway I had a picture of him in the bush, and let's just say he is a rotund type of fellow.  Well this facebook person has happened onto the picture and saved it to his computer and put it on his Geelong site with a less than flattering description.

Since when did this become acceptable practice?

So I pm'ed this person and asked him who gave him permission to use my photo and how did he get it, and I got a smart arsed comment back that he found it on Google and if I have a problem with it, take it up with Google, and he told me the search word he used, which I won't use here because there were less than favourable pictures when I searched.  And I scrolled down as far as it would let me, and nope, my photo of my husband's uncle was not on it.

So I pm'ed him again and asked him once again to take it off his facebook page, it belonged to me, it wasn't on the images when I searched what he said, and I got another smart arsed comment back that that I have no idea how to use the internet.

I beg to differ.

At this stage I was trying to work out what to do, Mike was livid.  I pm'ed him once again and said maybe so, but I would like you to take it down, there are plenty of other photos he could use in its place, this photo belonged to me, etc etc.   I think he realised I was not going to let up.  I was ready to let the masses know to bombard him.  So I got "alright alright" and the photo is now gone from his facebook page.

And I have in turn found out how to make the photos on here so that you can't right click and save to your computer.  Or if you can after what I've done to the code, I don't know how, so it might slow people like this ... errr ... gentleman down.

Lesson learnt.  This whole blogging thing is a bit of fun for me, a way to memory keep which I'm all about.  But it can turn to crap in an instant when someone abuses trust you place in the internet.

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Esther Andrews said...

Carol that absolutely sucks. That ignoramus has no idea. You don't find things ON Google, you find them VIA Google. If Google showed him a copy of your photo it would also have provided a link to that photo ON YOUR BLOG. Another tip is to add your copyright information to the photo. You can do that via Lightroom. An ignoramus like that wouldn't have a clue, but you can bamboozle him with technical mumbo jumbo about metadata and copyright and get right back at them if they start being smart arses like that.
Yes, it makes you stop and reconsider what you do when things like this happen. Like when I foot-fettisher added a photo of my daughter to his flickr favorites. Eeew.