Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Happy Happy

What a terrific night last night. What wonderful two friends I experienced it with (albeit one wasn't even born when some of his songs were written!!!). Billy Joel is truly magnificent. I'm tired (all up 6 hours of driving), I'm hoarse from singing and screaming, my feet hurt from dancing, but I'm happy happy happy.

Great seats, great sound, great food (we went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner), great crowd, great company, what a buzz. I feel like I've got the biggest hangover today, without the alcohol!!

Happy happy happy. I feel quite blissful right now. :-)


Cinnamon Jewels said...

So wish i could have met you that night!

(but yes I wasn't born for the first half either!)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Carol!!! There are few things that give a greater high than seeing our heroes on stage....yay for screaming and cheering!