Saturday, March 16, 2013

A huge milestone for me today

I ran 5 kilometres without stopping.  Took me 40 minutes.  But I did it.  Actually I ran 5.4 kilometres but we won't split hairs will we.  This was huge.  I was running back down our street and was whooping and fist pumping, I think there was even a little skip, then went I ran up the driveway I told the cat all about it (because Mike and the dogs were still asleep!!! and I had to tell someone!).  She did a flick of her head and jumped over the fence, so I don't actually think she was impressed.

But I was.  I am over the moon.

Mother's Day Classic coming up.  And I'm really excited because I'm doing the one in Geelong.  And mum wants to come and watch me run.  Now you know just how HUGE that is for me.  She wants to see me take off and cheer me back over the line.    Anyway there's two lengths, the 4km and the 8km.  I've been wondering whether I could push myself to do the 8km?  It's a stretch I know.  But every day I'm running just that little bit more.  Do I dare even try?  Do I do the 4km knowing I can now romp it in.  Or do I attempt the 8km and really extend myself past my comfort zone.  I'm still not registered, I'm going to leave it to the start of April to register and see which I could run.  

So this morning (when he finally got up) Mike went to the annual Steptoe Auction here in town.    Usually we would donate a stack of crap to be auctioned, and Mike tends to bring a heck of a lot more crap home.  I say that with the utmost respect mind you.  I went down there after it started, people were bidding on broken chairs, boxes of goodness knows what, a rusty old pogo stick, scratched records, are you getting the picture.  

I warned Mike ... no crap !  Although I must admit one year he did buy a student desk for $2 and it's still going strong.   By the time he got home I'd gone as I was going to the CWA exhibition.  I got home later on in the afternoon and look what was sitting on the kitchen bench.  A beautiful cup, saucer and plate set that I had been looking at.  All washed up pretty and sitting there for me.   Beautiful fine bone English china.

Definitely positively not crap, that's for sure.  :-)    He even stood in the rain and bid for it, outbidding a little old lady in the process.  Yeah!  That's the competitive spirit I know and love.  


Margaret Stickland said...

congrats on all fronts

Jenelle S said...

Go for the 8km Carol - you'll romp it in!!!!

Polly said...

Carol you are a machine!

Lynne said...

Congratulations on your run -- I suspect you will enter for the 8km!

The set is lovely and definitely not crap!

Lynn Grieveson said...

I couldn't even think about 5km without stopping. Amazing you are. Love the china too :-)