Sunday, January 20, 2013

Running with the Bulls

Oh yeah!

So this afternoon seemed like a great afternoon to go for a jog.  I announced to Mike that in preparation for the Market to Mount fun run next month, I might see if I can run up Mt. Noorat.  Don't get excited, it's not that big, but it would be a good training run.  Being that both of us have never gone up the Mt. Noorat walking track before, Mike said he'd come as well.  I could jog while he would walk and take photos, some inspiration for his oil paintings that he likes to do.  Win - win.

It was quite warm, I knew it would be, so I had slopped on the sunscreen.  But OH GOD THE FLIES!!!  I'm glad I'm not a vegetarian because the amount of flies I snarfed up my nose and in my mouth as I was running was nothing short of phenomenal.  I wonder if Mish's calorie counter has the count for flies, hmmmm?

Now this is private property and it's so very good of the owner to allow the public to use this, but the track, well it wasn't much of a track in parts, my legs are now scratched from the undergrowth in the scrubby bits, and stupid me didn't even think of the possibilities of snakes.  Giving me the heebie jeebies thinking of it now though.

But I was going great guns, got out of the scrubby bit and then came to face off with a bull guarding his bit of the track.  Well I thought it was a cow to start with until he stood up.  There were three others like him just up on the left.  Hmmmm, what to do?  I don't actually know how fast bulls can run, but then again I have seen the running with the bulls in Pamplona on telly and they look like they can run pretty fast.   

Okay, take stock of the situation.  Mike had caught up to me by this stage.  I asked whether he thinks we should just wander past the bull and his three mates and he reckoned if it was him alone he would (yeah right, big brave man, easy to say now) but me being Miss Scaredy Pants at the time decided not to.

OKAY DON'T JUDGE ME PEOPLE!!!   He was an angry assed bull,you didn't see his eyes as he stared at me daring me to run past him.  Truly!

Hey and I'm not kidding, there really is a teeny tiny track in there, can you see me? ha!  Why oh why wasn't I thinking snakes when I was there, this is truly giving me the scares now seeing where I was standing with bare legs!  So disappointment aplenty we drove back home, but decided to stop at the lake, so whilst Mike lounged in the car and listened to the radio, I ran two laps of the lake, so all was not lost.

I'm still plodding along with the December Daily,and while I'm at it, I want to give a shout out to Lynne from Never too hot to Stitch.    I love that she has taken on the role of my personal trainer for the December Daily.  I love this comment she gave me recently:

Now, come on, Carol, where's that spirit that took your through the pain of 12wbt? A change of attitude is called for here! (listen to your personal trainer, I'm encouraging you to put some grunt into it!! LOL).  Looking good and you'll love it when you're done (and not just because it's behind you!)

Lynne, mate, you've just scared me a little there! tee hee.  As long as you don't make me drop and give you 10 burpees, I'm onto it!  


Lynne said...

10 burpees? How about some knitting (or have you forgotten how). Knit a snake from sock yarn to remind you of the dangers of bare legs in the Aussie bush! LOL

Thanks for linking back to my blog!

Polly said...

How many times can I tell you how amazing I think you are, and honestly you are giving me the worlds biggest virtual kick up the backside.

cassandramadge said...

Oh my goodness Carol - bulls, flies and snakes!! What an adventure your afternoon run turned out to be.

I'm fascinated to hear more about Mike's paintings though.... he's a truly many faceted super-man!