Monday, October 16, 2006

DMC's new poster girl

Well what can I say, my apprentice went wild on the weekend. Stupidly I left my top half of my floss box on the floor and looked the other way. First mistake! So seems that Bo decides that she liked the colours or the taste of the card or the texture of the floss and thought green was the go. Note to self ... never leave floss box on the floor again.

Second mistake! Deciding to go get the camera (because one always must have consideration as to what one can blog about) rather than immediately rescuing my DMC 549. One second after this photo and teeth marks were right through the card and her paw had the cotton half pulled out unravelled.

Ahhh ... good help is so hard to find! Till next time.

1 comment:

Bells said...

oh Bo is so cute. How can you be cross at her, really?